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Covid 19 has created a problem for students world-wide. Without good internet connections, and up-to-date computers it is impossible to get hooked up to the virtual world where you can study at a distance. This option is being offered by colleges and universities throughout North America, and most students have the necessary equipment and internet connection to make it work. Is this a barrier in Africa? Is this a project area for Rotarians; that is to ensure students are equipped? Of course this is all dependent on a government that provides the Internet connectivity.

This is good for students studying in areas where words, computations and images are all you need to engage with a professor and a class in the virtual world. But if your area of study is hands on with equipment, where you are learning to build, fix, make or repair, then what is the answer? As long as students observe the rules of virus avoidance, then they should still be able to go to a place of study.

T here are important things we need to observe:

Mouth and nose covering at all times.

Remaining 6 feet away from others, at all times.

Nver being in larger groups whether at a training session or even in a social setting. Staying at home where possible is the best thing to do.

Washing hands regularly – after toilet use, before eating, after touching or using equipment, or books, or study papers, or touching other areas and articles that others could have also touched. Also after visiting a store whether for snacks, food or clothing, hand washing is extremely important as you may touch items an infected person has just touched.

photo of a man sitting under the tree

Eliminating customary physical contact like hand-shaking or even elbow touching and replacing it with verbal acknowledgement of others. Being out of touch with others can be very stressful to some people who NEED contact with others. They miss the voice, touch and camaraderie of being with and really connecting with others.

Use alternate methods instead of cash, for paying for articles or food, if possible – as cash can be the culprit.

What are your thoughts?

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